How toolZhire™ Works?

toolZhire™  brings people together by way of an on-demand app to rent or rent out tools and equipment. By browsing the simple app you will find the tool or equipment in the area of your choice. The tool or equipment will be supplied by trusted businesses and individuals in your community. By using the app you have all the tools and equipment visible in the palm of your hand saving you time and money. 

Lend & Earn

Earn money by lending tools and equipment

Secure Payment

Easily transfer funds while keeping your payment information safe and secure

Search Locally

Find and rent tools based on your location

Who toolZhire™ is For?

toolZhire™ allows you as a individual or a business to place your tools and equipment on a on-demand platform that will drive customers to you. You decide price and terms while toolZhire™ looks after communication and payments to your account. No handling cash, no hassles just an easy transaction.

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Get paid renting your tools and equipment

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To Rent Tools & Equipment

See What People Say

“I joined this company early due to my own frustration with getting the tools and equipment I need for renovating my home. I have watched the progress and am excited about the future of toolZhire”

Steve L.

“This is what I have needed for years as a builder. The team have included me in the app process from a builders perspective. I love the simplicity of the app and will be implementing into the company.”

Shane H.

“After needing equipment to complete projects around the house and being unable to access this equipment on weekends, the toolZhire app is exactly what I required.  This also allows me to rent out my tools and equipment that I don’t utilise daily.”

Robin T.
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